Holisun DMS 

by Holisun

Paperless System

Holisun Paperless System

1. Improved security:

  1. Protocols for access control to every document or information within your organization. You’ll be able to set access levels for each individual completely block access to certain files
  2. Incoming information can be controlled and all information sources will be verified
  3. It can be used in conjunction with the Encryption Module - fully encrypts and decrypts files
  4. Records can be destroyed - the function can be set to reversible or irreversible, depending on your company’s particular needs

Holisun Paperless System will bring radical improvements to your company's IT security.

All companies who implemented our system have seen significant security improvements in their organizations and an increased information control ability.

2. Management

  1. All information will be effectively collaborated
  2. The intelligent global search function facilitates easy access to documents and information throughout the system
  3. Strategic advantage: improves business decision-making and strategic capacity
  4. Administration: the system also includes tools for defining roles and tasks for different users and to easily identify the persons responsible for each and every document

Adjacent systems:

Access portal for partner organizations:

This portal allows you to safely share relevant information with other independent or subsidiary organizations.

Electronic signature:

Holisun Paperless System gives you the possibility to integrate and use both a handwritten and/or an electronic signature. Any document electronically signed with Holisun Paperless System will have full legal coverage.

Content Management Interoperability services:

Holisun Paperless System can be used as a CMIS server.

Uses its own Jasper reports, generated in PDF format.

3. Workflows

  1. Improves document traceability
  2. Simplifies business processes and logic
  3. Enhances information transfer and document flow within your organization. Supports all employees coordination amongst themselves and in regard to the workflow
  4. Manages document flows:

How is that achieved?

We supervise and take care of:

Document production

Storage - documents are stored electronically and organized in ways that make sense to your company’s specific needs.

Distribution - we assign work tasks to users, user groups and departments.

Information processing

Electronic documents control and tracking - through an extensive and continuous review - approval - validation process. We actively monitor tasks, status and workflow processes; the system sends notifications and emails to users, user groups and departments.

Bar codes

A barcode can be attached to any document so it can be quickly read and identified. This helps keep a perfect track of all your documents and information.

Life cycle management for each document type

Workflow automation

You can use the Holisun Paperless System to apply validation rules; certain automatic actions can be performed on documents without human intervention:.

  • Metadata capture
  • Classification of documents
  • Automatic workflow execution

4. Filing

Holisun Paperless System will help you build a very stable electronic archive, that you can rely upon:

  1. It captures electronic images of documents using a scanner or e-mail archiver - the system automatically stores messages and attachments from your inbox and adds them to the archive
  2. Provides detailed activity logs
  3. Builds an extremely valuable repository of corporate information assets; this will facilitate knowledge creation
  4. You can determine how information is governed for each and every document or for each individual workflow

5. Economic performance improvement

  1. We are flexible: you can configure your automation solution so the system perfectly fits your specific needs 
  2. You can use Holisun Paperless System to set up parallel workflows - we provide all needed support for this task
  3. Gives very detailed reports to help you capitalize on the knowledge your company gained
  4. The electronic invoicing module extracts the "XML" format invoices and stores them within the Holisun Paperless System


Increased productivity - capacity of workgroups

Improved quality of service - better customer relations

High degree of accuracy

Reduced direct labor costs and expenses

Accelerated sales cycles

Improved operational time for product delivery and all internal processes

We are also flexible when different integrations are needed:

Holisun Paperless System is a very versatile platform that allows Java, .Net and PHP integrations as well as the use of SOAP and REST API web services.

Authentication is interconnectable, making it easy for external users to use a database via LDAP, Active Directory, SSO, and CAS.

The database can be configured for implementation with any system, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server.

Available connectors: AutoCAD, MS Office, AidaCRM, BonitaSoft, Kofax, Abby Flexicapture.

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