Airport Security

Now more than ever airports have become attractive targets for anyone who thinks violence and terrorism are good ways to make a point.



It is of great importance that security measures in airports are improved so all possible threats are handled and neutralized.

Airport Security by Holisun is a very efficient solution that airports can use to restrict and supervise access and get a crystal-clear picture of their air operations area at any given time.

This way it can prevent a wide range of criminal acts.

Airport Security also integrates all services needed by the security companies that monitor the airport and streamlines ramp activity.

The program delivers accurate reports for beacon maintenance, runway inspection and maintenance, at the same time tracking precise details, such as the evolution of runway cracks, corrosion, or any other details that may become risk factors for airport and flight safety.

Platform and runway access protocol

Airport Security is intended for airport staff or third parties (equipment and resources suppliers as well as maintenance staff) who need access to restricted areas.

If a person has an access card, after being registered at the security filter, the security agent receives a full list of objects that may be carried to the platform area by that person, and the access card owner's photo is displayed so security staff may confirm the person’s identity.

The exact time of access is recorded, and, if by the end of shift, the person has not yet left the restricted area, the security guard receives an alert.


Certifications: ISO 27001: 2013, compliance with EC 73/2010

HOLISUN holds the ISO 27001: 2013 certification program for Airport Security. The software has been developed in accordance with EC73 / 2010 regulations.

Airport Security by Holisun results

The application has been running for several years at The Baia Mare Airport and was recently introduced at Timișoara International Airport.

Mr. Daniel Idolu, GM of The Timișoara Airport:

"It helps a lot with our staff’s daily routine. We’ve introduced other options for staff management and supervision, so every person who has access to restricted areas is closely monitored.

The fact that we have reached this very high level of excellence in an area where legislation and regulations are particularly restrictive and have very high standards is a great satisfaction."

Dr. Oliviu Matei, Holisun GM:

"We are proud to share our experience and the products we developed with Romanian airports. We are convinced that, once implemented, this system will improve and streamline airport management.

In daily activity and also in the final reports, our product is a means to get excellent results with few resources. This is the advantage of well implemented information technologies in different fields of activity!

The events of March 2016 in Zaventem showed that airports must be one step ahead of everyone in all regards.

Airport managers are hard-pressed by the need for impeccably managed access to the air operations areas.

Airport Security by Holisun clients

Aeroport Timisoara
Aeroport International Maramures

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