How ETL solutions can transform your business and why you should get one today!

How ETL solutions can transform your business and why you should get one today!

Production companies need to have online sales platforms both in relation to resellers and end-customers.

The best way to approach this problem is avoiding the need to re-enter information (product description, stocks, prices) in multiple platforms.

ETL can ensure synchronized information feeds from the ERP system that you use (or other stock management and accounting software) in real time.

For a clear record of all activities, reporting is crucial.

In most cases, the relevant reports are complex and use data collected from several different programs. This considerably increases the time needed for their completion.

For example: revenue /employee ratio: involves a complex report consisting of information on the number of work-hours, tasks, priorities and the salary + bonuses received during the reported time-frame.

If all the data needed for this type of report was stored in a single, well-organized database, complex reports could be generated in one single click.

And this is where the immense power of ETL comes into play.


Immagine the power of being able to analyze huge amounts of data and build comprehensive reports in very short amounts of time (literally minutes) and very few steps.

ETL solutions provide IT administrators with common databases that contain all the information various software programs use.

The challenges and responsibilities of ETL (extract, transform, load) activities are wide and complex:

  • Management for several interconnected databases;
  • Smooth data transfer between various information systems: ERP, CRM, BMP;
  • Data processing for: alerts, reporting, statistics;
  • Data optimization and conversion;
  • Interconnection of complex computer systems;
  • Safeguarding data integrity;
  • Applying business rules to stored data;
  • Data aggregation and audit (useful in diagnosis);
  • Ensuring the availability of data in all appropriate places and formats.
  • Holisun gives you the solutions and the support for all of the above and some bonuses:
  • Real-time synchronization of e-commerce platforms with management and accounting systems;
  • IT change management;
  • Expansion of your business and IT infrastructure, when needed;

So, if you are looking for a way to bring some order into all the data your company has stored and turn it into powerful information, an ETL management system might be just the thing for you.


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