5 reasons why customer feedback is important for my business

5 reasons why customer feedback is important for my business

 It is common to focus on developing the business you run and delivering the best services and products. True and obivous. But do we know that what we deliver is good (enough) for the clients? Do we know that this is what they expect. Do we ask them about their opinions? Do they give us honest answers? Hard questions and maybe this is why collecting feedback from clients is a process often omitted. However, there are 5 reasons for collecting the most honest feedback from our clients:


1. The opinions of the clients are there, they just need to be uncovered

2. The feedback helps improving our businesses

3. The feedback is the most straightforward mean of finding out the satisfaction of the customers

4. The feedback shows that we value the opinions of our customers

5. The feedbacks give the proper basis for business decisions

The will is not enough for collecting the customer feedback. However we succeeded to get 10 feedbacks per week (from 1 feedback in 3 years).

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