Hannover Messe 2017 has ended

Hannover Messe 2017 has ended. According to the organizers, it was a big success, as it brought together 6500 exhibitors and more than 250.000 visitors. And HOLISUN was part of this success. In the five days (24th – 28th of April) we had very many contacts with huge companies all over the world (e.g. Volkswagen, KUKA, Komatsu), but also with representatives of countries, such as Romania (Mr. Alexandru Petrescu – minister of Business Environment and Mr. Emil Hurezeanu – Romanian ambassador in Berlin), UAE, US, Brazil and Taiwan. A simple statistic on continents is shown in the following chart.

Hannover Messe 2017

Of course, this is not possible without all the support, feedback and cooperation of all business and technical partners of HOLISUN, therefore thanks to you!

Hannover Messe 2017

This year we will participate to Hannover Messe 2017 and will propose a unique innovative concept that is beyond the current state of the art on the market. Our products are specifically designed for companies who define themselves as highly innovative.

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HOLISUN - one step forward

We want to keep up with our customers, so it was imperative to move to a new location, able to accommodate all services and departments in Holisun.


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The North Pole ... Online!


The new website North Pole Baia Mare was launched.

The company located in Baia Mare, Petru Rares street, no 14A has as main activity the service of electronic products and home appliances. North Pole Baia Mare offers service to several brands of electronic products and home appliances.

Holisun in partnership with HOLOS

logo holos

SC HoliSun Ltd is expanding its activities in the whole Europe. More precisely, it is about the country "where land ends and sea begins" (Camoes), namely Portugal. Holisun signed a strategic partnership with the Portuguese company HOLOS .


New eco-friendly office for Holisun Baia Mare

The HOLISUN company supports and aligns with the European standards and requirements on environmental protection by building a new office space. The construction, on which work has already started, stands out by using eco equipment and green energy designed to reduce nature pollution.

Besides the aspects related to the nature protection, the HOLISUN's new office space will have the most modern equipment for better and more competitive services for our clients. Practically, the whole building, with an area of 300 sqm, was conceived and designed by ergonomic standards, in accordance with the management of information security principles.

As a curiosity, the access control in the HOLISUN's building and laboratories will be based on digital fingerprint. We are talking about the most modern and eco-friendly office space in the IT sector in the North-West of Romania. The inauguration of the new HOLISUN office space is scheduled for the upcoming winter.

Holisun conquers Asia

The HOLISUN company form Baia Mare continues to break increasingly the economic boundaries in IT business and to break more and more markets across the world with its high quality services and products. After Europe, it’s Asia’s turn to be conquered by our team of programmers.

The number of partners from Romania and the European Union which ask for our website development services is continuously growing. In the HOLISUN's portfolio appears a large number of partners from different countries like Netherlands and France, and other potential partners from Spain and Italy, which are currently under discussion. Recently, HOLISUN entered successfully in the Asian continent, too.

The programmers team from HOLISUN successfully completed an IT project for a partner in Qatar, it’s about the Vigor Contracting website. The first "conquest" of a territory on this continent being checked, we plan to continue the expansion in the Arabian world with high quality services at reasonable prices.

Our team’s professionalism, creativity, exactness and seriousness recommends us as a provider of web design and development.

We handle the best practices in the profile industry, which allows us to create latest technology products adapted to today's business environment.

Our company has a large experience in web development and provides reliable solutions for private and public institutions. The complexity of a web project that we can develop is limited only by the imagination of the customer.

*Note : We are looking for partners – collaborators to distribute our software and to spread our services.

The Online school catalogue - Innovative product on the software market in Romania

The Online school catalogue - Innovative product on the software market in Romania

The team of programmers from the HOLISUN company has developed a revolutionary software designed to improve the quality the educational performance by improving the relationship between school and family : Online school catalogue.

This innovative software brings the benefit to the school staff and also to the parents. On the one hand, parents can view directly from their home, at any hour, their children's grades and absences. Also, parents can communicate more effectively and practically with teachers, using online messages. On the other hand, teachers can generate more efficiently weekly reports with students grades and absences, as well as situations required by the School Inspectorate or the relevant ministry. Furthermore, the form master can automatically calculate means and motivate absences.

The Online school catalogue also allows the promotion of various events organized within the education unit which has such a specialized software.

*Note: We are looking for partners – collaborators to distribute our software and to spread our services.