AR cameras

When talking about augmented reality, one definitely takes into account the video camera features. Therefore, we summarize these features for the most cited smart glasses on the market.

Feature / smart glasses Epson Moverio BT-300 Hololens ODG R7 Vuzix M300 Sony SmartEyeGlass
One eye / two eyes Two eyes Two eyes Two eyes One eye Two eyes
Autofocus camera No No Yes Yes No
Camera resolution 5 MP 2 MP 4 MP Up to 10 megapixel stills (?) 3 MP
Operating system Android 5.1 Windows 10 ReticleOS (based on Android) Android 6 Android 4.4
Price $800 $3500 $2750 $1700 $700

So far, Epson Moverio BT-300 seem to win with their best trade-off between price and quality. Still, they are missing the auto-focus feature (yet, they have something called deep-focus).

An interesting fact is that the Hololens (everybody talks about them) have a really low camera – only 2MP. How is that possible?

And more noticeable aspects:

  • ODG expected to release two new glasses – R8 and R9 – in 2017. But still waiting so far… I am wondering if ODG is a reliable company to work with as they miss the releases of two versions of the glasses.
  • Sony SmartEyeGlass use Android 4.4. What is it good for, as the native video processing is available on Android 5.1+?
  • A lot of hype around Google Glass. Everybody expected their revival as Google Glass 2, but nothing yet. It definitely means they Google could not fix their systemic problems related to the oblique projection of the light beam on the eye.
  • And yet another hype is about Apple smart glasses, which are… just web articles created by the marketing department. They simply do not exist outside the imagination of some (paid) people.