HOLISUN - one step forward

We want to keep up with our customers, so it was imperative to move to a new location, able to accommodate all services and departments in Holisun.


Holisun new headquarters was designed according to European standards on environmental protection. The new building excels in eco and green energy equipment such as solar panels, designed to reduce pollution of nature.

Beside this, we have not forgotten to keep up with technology! Holisun has purchased last generation IT equipment. The furniture has been carefully chosen, so that the colors would be combined in a pleasant and inspiring way.



It is something that differentiates us from others?? The answer is YES!

The conference room bears the imprint of our company, namely our logo. This is one of the many things that we are proud of.


Even though we moved, we didn't forgot to take with us old habits and strengths that define us: reliability, perseverance, quality of service and friendliness with which we treat each and every of our partners and clients.